IMG_0192 (3)About the founder

I am an independent consultant supporting entrepreneurs and organizations to succeed in today’s fast paced and ever changing digital world. Prior to establishing the HIA! Digital Network, I was a partner at EY, where I held a number of leadership positions.

I have a deep desire to work with, support and contribute towards the success of entrepreneurs and organizations that are seeking new ways to improve performance, become more sustainable and ultimately serve society in a purposeful and constructive manner. I approach the work I do from a governance, risk management and control perspective, where I take a personal interest in the outcomes, bring practical strategic insights and challenge leaders to think differently about ethical and effective leadership.

Thinking creatively about future trends and how these may impact organizations and communities motivates me to develop viewpoints, approaches and ways of doing business to build stronger, more resilient and more valuable organizations.

I thrive on working with teams of highly motivated and competent people that share the same values as me, and acknowledge that a lot of my own success comes from the teams I have worked with over many years.

Working with dynamic people towards an outcome that delivers high impact is what keeps me “in the game”.


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